TG: the problem is i am up to my goddamn neck in fucking puppet dong.

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Why do dudes always slip into the conversation that they have a boyfriend? Did they think I was flirting? Did they think I thought they were flirting? Is it a queer bonding ritual? Mystery.


If you ever feel bad about mistakes you’ve made just remember the original drummer for Green Day left the band to go to college

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ah yes that large muscular man is very attractive but how would he look in lacy lingerie

not even going to bother putting on nsfw blog because it’s just too real. this is my whole fucking life.

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Nintendo DS’s law is the observation that, as soon as you finally decide on and buy a DS, Nintendo will come out with a new and better model that you want more.

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ever see something so perfect you cry

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I may be a bastard, but I’m not a fucking bastard.

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Oh look it’s Tony’s turn to be remendered.

Remendered: (verb) To be written badly, out of character, and so unsympathetically as to cause a massive drop in sales and loss of popularity. Fate of tent pole characters of Marvel Comics, so long as the dumbasses in charge keep letting the man TOUCH THINGS.


Here’s a thing I’ve had around in my head for a while!

Okay, so I’m pretty sure that by now everyone at least is aware of Steampunk, with it’s completely awesome Victorian sci-fi aesthetic. But what I want to see is Solarpunk – a plausible near-future sci-fi genre, which I like to imagine as based on updated Art Nouveau, Victorian, and Edwardian aesthetics, combined with a green and renewable energy movement to create a world in which children grow up being taught about building electronic tech as well as food gardening and other skills, and people have come back around to appreciating artisans and craftspeople, from stonemasons and smithies, to dress makers and jewelers, and everyone in between. A balance of sustainable energy-powered tech, environmental cities, and wicked cool aesthetics. 

A lot of people seem to share a vision of futuristic tech and architecture that looks a lot like an ipod – smooth and geometrical and white. Which imo is a little boring and sterile, which is why I picked out an Art Nouveau aesthetic for this.

With energy costs at a low, I like to imagine people being more inclined to focus their expendable income on the arts!

Aesthetically my vision of solarpunk is very similar to steampunk, but with electronic technology, and an Art Nouveau veneer.

So here are some buzz words~

Natural colors!
Art Nouveau!
Handcrafted wares!
Tailors and dressmakers!
Stained glass window solar panels!!!
Education in tech and food growing!
Less corporate capitalism, and more small businesses!
Solar rooftops and roadways!
Communal greenhouses on top of apartments!
Electric cars with old-fashioned looks!
No-cars-allowed walkways lined with independent shops!
Renewable energy-powered Art Nouveau-styled tech life!

Can you imagine how pretty it would be to have stained glass windows everywhere that are actually solar panels? The tech is already headed in that direction!  Or how about wide-brim hats, or parasols that are topped with discreet solar panel tech incorporated into the design, with ports you can stick your phone charger in to?

(((Character art by me; click the cityscape pieces to see artist names)))

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the two main reasons i like pairings with height differences

  • the shorter of the two pulling the taller down into a kiss
  • the taller of the two lifting the shorter to kiss them
  • the taller one accidentally elbowing the shorter one in the face
  • the shorter one elbowing him back in the crotch
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