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Anonymous said: actually, allosexual is the word used to replace the much more problematic term "sexual". there was literally a huge, months long fight about how terrible asexuals were for calling people sexual. (with valid points, not that asexuals were terrible for using it, but that it hurts sexual assault survivors, and poc, and women, as well as possibly ignoring grays, demis, asexuals who feel that they are sexual, even if they don't experience sexual attraction) And multiple other terms were offered up.

If there was a consensus against the term “sexual”, I’ll edit my post accordingly with the much more neutral term “non-ace”, which is…as basic as it gets. I rest my case, though: allosexual should not be used to refer to all people who aren’t asexual. If other terms were offered, it would be much preferable if you (and by “you” I mean the asexual community) agreed on one that didn’t have a prior use/meaning. Reappropriation is one thing when it’s using a previously offensive/oppressive term, but not when it’s taking something already used by a marginalized community, especially one that includes people who identify as asexual.



The asexual community has appropriated the word “allosexual" to mean all sexual people (as opposed to asexual people), and using the term that way has to stop.


I think the reason we started using it is because we wanted a different word than sexual I guess because it just sounds odd. I wasn’t aware, but hey, I’m from Ottawa, and we have to stick together :P

So good job.

Haha, thank you! Now we just need to work on a secret queer Canadian handshake. ;P

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I want to go play Wind Waker HD downstairs

pro: It’s Wind Waker

con: It’s downstairs


The thing that terrifies the most about talking to people about Star Trek is that if they ask me what my favourite creature from ST is, I will have to unironically answer that it’s the unicorn dog from The Enemy Within


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This is the Wind Waker!  It is a baton of sorts that was used long ago when the people played music in prayer to the gods.  In those days, simply using it allowed one to borrow the power of the gods, but I do not know if it still works.  Even so, I thought it might be of some use to you.  Perhaps you should try using it.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is the tenth installment in The Legend of Zelda series.  In the game, Link initially sets out to rescue his kidnapped younger sister, Aryll.  Through his journey, he learns of the returning Ganondorf, and traverses through dungeons and temples to gain power necessary to defeat the Evil King. 

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pjransone said: (I apologize, I actually meant false friend, not false cognate, like ‘sensible’ (fr) and ‘sensible’ (en).) but you’re right, yeah, especially regarding the translation back to english. Hmm.

That and the problem of Frenglish. I don’t know if it’s a situation that’s exclusive to my area (I study at Concordia, usually stick around Ste-Cath between Berri-UQÀM and Atwater) and I don’t know anybody who doesn’t compulsively switch between French and English mid-sentence. I think it might be a new linguistic reality, actually. (Which I’m super cool with! but it comes with downsides, like meanings being lost in translation.)

raykowalski said: I HAD NO IDEA. I mean I’ve never used the term allosexual before (b/c frankly I don’t use any of these terms ever really :/), but I’m glad I know now.

The more you know! Fun fact: I’m pretty sure France uses the term “queer” in French because they stopped caring about anglicisms a long time ago.

pjransone said: Although I prefer the term ‘not ace’ to any other term, I feel like using the term in english doesn’t invalidate the french term, really. The way I see it, it just makes the two false cognates? But yeah, the term in english itself is iffy regardless.

I wouldn’t disagree if the terms weren’t 100% etymologically/linguistically identical. A false cognate, by definition, should lack a common root. It’s also not applicable to terms that define two different concepts on a single spectrum. If the ace community’s current use of the term “allosexual” were to be adapted in French, it would become a problem. Quebec is a predominantly French community but there’s also a very large English community, and it would be extremely easy for the term to lose its original French meaning after a few decades of it being used in English to mean something else.

Dave: Re: “Allosexuality”

The asexual community has appropriated the word “allosexual" to mean all sexual people (as opposed to asexual people), and using the term that way has to stop.

The term “allosexual” already exists, or at least its French incarnation (allosexuel/le) does. It was coined in 2001 by the REJAQ, a Quebec organization for LGBTQ youth. In 2005, the term allosexuel was officially recognized by the Office québécois de la langue française (essentially, the people in charge of accepting and officializing neologisms in Quebec) as the only accepted French equivalent for the English term “queer”.

Etymologically speaking, the word “allosexual” makes perfect sense as a synonym of “queer”. The prefix “allo-” means “other”. Allosexuality is, literally, other sexualities or sexual identities. Different sexual orientations or genders. Not straight and/or not cis.

Why should you give a shit? Well, here in Quebec, we have very strict language policies against the use of English (or anglicisms) in publications, advertisements, official names, signs, etc. In other words, we need an official French equivalent for everything, and we’re not even close to catching up with English-speaking North America when it comes to defining genders and sexualities. 

In 2012, the online asexual community has collectively appropriated the word “allosexual” (without doing any research, apparently) to refer to anyone who isn’t asexual. (Who could also be called, you know, “not asexual”. Non-ace.) Now, I’m not one to play the “linguistically oppressed French Canadian” card, but we kind of have a very important history that involves our French culture getting stepped on, ignored or suppressed. (For more information, I suggest reading up on the relatively recent history of the Franco-Manitoban community or, closer to me, the history behind Quebec’s linguistic policies.) By appropriating the term “allosexual”, you’re contributing to the erasure of the French-speaking queer community. It might not seem like a huge deal to you if you live in a predominantly English-speaking area, but it’s actually pretty fucking important for us French-speaking people to have an officially recognized term to define ourselves in our own language. The allosexual community of Quebec includes you too, ace community. If you keep using the term “allosexual” as a synonym for “not asexual”, especially when you’re talking about “allosexual privilege”, you’re also doing yourselves a great disservice. 

Please reconsider the usage of that word. Thank you!

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